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Baby Names Most popular…

In this article you will find baby names with there meanings.

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 Aaron : Biblical name. High mountain in Bible. He is the brother of Moses and first high priest of Israelites.

Abbas: An Arabic name borne in the 6th century by Muhammad’s Uncle and later by Various Muslim rulers in 17th Century.

Abdullah: Servant of Allah. Arabic name borne in 6th century By Muhammad’s father. Short form is Abdul.

Abner: Biblical name means Father of light. Short form are, Ab,Abe

Abraham: Father of a multitude. A biblical name given by god to the first Jewish patriarch formally called Abraham. Short forms, Abe,Ham, Bram.


Aalliyah: It is feminine form of name Ali in Arabic.

Abigali: Its biblical name means father’s joy. It was name of one of wife of King David. Short forms are Abbi, Abbey, Abi, Abbie and Gail.   

Abilence: Biblical name means grass.

Abla: Biblical name means beautiful women.

Acacia: From the plant name sometimes associated with immortality or warding off evil.

Ada: Nobble, The name was borne by a 19th century mathematician Lord Byron’s daughter.

Adah: Adornment. A biblical name, borne by the wife of Esau.