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Breast feeding requirements


Here are a few items that will make it easier and more comfortable to breastfeed,

  • Nursing Bras: You will need several of these. They have special cup openings so that you can reveal your breast without having to undo the whole bra.
  • Breast pads: These fit inside your nursing bras to absorbs excess milk leaking and prevent damp patches staining your cloths.

Breast soothers:

These are soft and flexible; cone shaped, easy to use, reusable, and has been specially designed to ease any sort of breast discomfort or pain. They are particularly useful improve the symptoms associated with puffiness of the breasts following after childbirth. During breastfeeding some local pain is observed which can be released by using breast soothers.

Nursing pillows which helps you to get a better position to feed your baby, avoiding back pain and helping your baby to latch on better,also reducing sore nipples for you.  Many mums realized that the nursing pillow helped them to breastfeed their babies for much longer time. You can also use the twin feeding cushion for bottle feeding baby also and it’s great for Father and other family members too to lend a helping hand.

Breastfeeding is good for your baby because your milk give him the best possible nourishment.  It also contains antibodies, which will help, protect him against illness and infection, also from certain respiratory problems, and allergy related conditions like eczema and asthma.  To begin with your breasts milk will produce colostrum – a clear, golden yellow fluid, it protects against infection. After few days your milk will come in.

You can feed your baby in sitting position by taking pillow or any cushions on lap and also to support to your back.  Now hold your baby correctly in your arm and keep her on the lap, now hold one hand bellow her neck and move her towards your breast. Now give your nipple to her mouth, now she will try to suck it to get enough milk. During feeding be careful for her nose, it should be above to the nipple otherwise she may have problem during breathing. Sucking of the nipples release a hormone called oxytocin which causes the milk glands in your breasts to release milk.  During every feeding session give both the breast one by one, because first milk or fore milk is watery and last milk or hind milk is rich and full of nutrients.  Baby may fall asleep once she‘s full and naturally come off your breast. Otherwise do not pull her off the nipple.

If you had a Cesarean birth, your baby may feel drowsy as a result of the anesthesia and not be very interested in feeding straight away. But encourage her to breastfeed.

Nursing cover:

Breast feeding your baby is not always that easy – especially when away from home. Many nursing moms are feeling very uncomfortable when feeding their baby in public. Even though law in most states protects their rights to do so, it still takes a lot of courage to breast feed your baby in a busy public location. But it is as it is and often you do not have a choice – it’s either breast feeding in public or no breast feeding at all.

During breastfeeding, the nursing cover up can effectively cover up the mother’s breast from being seen by anyone in all direction while maintaining good air ventilation for the baby and enabling the mother herself to monitor the breastfeeding of her baby through the peek-a-boo pocket, so that the mother may feel comfortable to breastfeed her baby anytime in anywhere.

These nursing covers are pretty easy to wear. All you need to do is fasten the clasp behind your neck, or if it is a wrap around style, you can throw the ends around your neck. These covers are large in size, and can accommodate larger babies (it is recommended that you breastfeed your child until the age of two). Larger women can also easily use these wraps / covers while nursing their children.

How many feeds?

For the first few weeks, your baby will want to be fed every 2 hours or so, spending between 10 to 20 minutes at each breast. She will let you know when she is hungry. Then you can feed her after every 2 -3 hours.

Successful breastfeeding signs: This shows, your baby is feeding well,

  • Your baby has a large mouthful of breast, baby will be happy during feeding.
  • It doesn’t hurt you to feed,but initially few sucks may be painful to mother. But when you are giving regular breastfeeding this pain will be disappear.
  • Your baby’s cheeks stay rounded during feeding.
  • Your baby rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows. It is normal for them to pause sometimes during feeding.
  • Your baby finished the feed and comes off the breast on their own, do not pull him.

Why baby refuses breast milk?

There are many reasons why babies refuse the breast and most can be easily solved,

  • Your breasts may be overfull, painful, and hard that your baby has difficulty o feed. Relive their fullness by putting a warm flannel (soft cotton cloth) on them or soaking them in warm water.