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Milk and dairy products for children

Some children can be choosy about the food they eat. Read the following Five important points about eating. These food products you can start when your child complete his first year. Now in this article we will discuss only first point Milk and dairy products only.

Milk and dairy products:

Important points:

  • Milk is important for young children. A minimum of half pint means 200ml to 300ml of milk a day will provide energy for growth, and calcium for strong bones and teeth. After the age of one you can change from infant formula or follow- on milk, to full fat cow’s milk. You can, also continue breastfeeding but all other drinks should give in cup.
  • Milk is important for young children. Use full fat milk and dairy products until your child is at least two. Semi skimmed milk can be given after age two.
  • If your child doesn’t like drinking milk everyday, give at least two servings of milk based dishes, cheese or yoghurt. Some ideas are written after these points.
  • If your child have cow milk allergy or if you are vegan then, give unsweetened soya drink with added calcium, but only on the advice of your Doctor or health visitor.

Food Ideas:

  • Milk:

1. Porridge, hot oat cereal, or cornmeal made with full fat milk.

2. Breakfast cereals with full fat milk.

3. Rice puddings, custard and other milky puddings.

  • Cheese:

1. Macaroni cheese, cheese on toast, on vegetables and bakes.

2. Vegetable soup with greeted cheese, paneer in curries.

3.      Chunks of cheese and pieces of fruits.

4.       Cottage cheese dips.

  • Yoghurt

1.      Add fruits fresh or frozen, raw, stewed or baked to full fat yoghurt.

2.      Make drink of yoghurt by adding water or milk, call as Lassi but without sugar and salt.

3.       Add some yoghurt in curries.