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Heat rash in babies and children

Heat rash is a rash of very tiny clear or red bumps on the skin. It is most common in babies and in very young children. But can occur at any stage.
Heat rash can cause by overheating by wearing too many clothes in warm weather. Due to this, the pores leading to sweat glands become blocked, with an increase in heat and humidity. Sweat gland always secrets sweat in warm or hot weather or temperature, but because of pores are blocked, the sweat is held within the skin and forms the red bumps or occasionally small blisters in babies.


• An itchy rash usually appears on the baby’s chest or back or other parts of heavy perspiration like neck, face and skin folds.

• The rash may look like lots of small red bumps or clusters of fluid-filled skin blisters.

General care:

• Offer tepid (Lukewarm water) bath
• Apply calamine lotion or cream to relieve the itching.
Dress the baby inappropriate clothing for the warm weather.
• The rash should disappear in few hours. If not consult to Doctor or GP as soon as possible.

• Cool the baby by removing layers of clothing.