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Baby reflexes after birth….

From the moment baby is born, they have incredible range of skills and reflexes which help her to survive. If all reflexes are normal then baby’s nervous system is functioning well. In this article Baby reflexes are explained.

Sucking, rooting and swallowing reflex:

Your baby’s most basic reflex is sucking, which she will have practiced in the womb. She will also instinctively turn her head towards the touch of breast or finger on her cheek, near her mouth as she searches for food this is known as rooting. Swallowing is also a reflex action.

  • Startle or Moro  reflex:

If your baby‘s head is not supported when she is held, she will throw out her arms and legs with her fingers extended. This reflex usually disappears at about two months.

  • Protective reflexes:

She has some protective reflexes. For example, if a blanket or pillow falls over her eyes, nose or mouth, she will shake her head side to side and wave her arms to push it away so she can breathe and see. Or any object can come in front of her she will again move her head side to side.

  • Neck reflexes:

When your baby’s head turns to one side, her arm on that side will straighten, with the opposite arm bent as if she is fencing. If she is crying or disturb then she may not perform it. This reflex disappears at five to seven months of age.

  • Grasping reflex:

Place a finger in his palm and your baby will automatically grab hold of it. He can try to grab blanket and certain things, this reflex remain continue around one year.


First medical health check up of Baby

Within first few hours after birth, a Pediatrician, Doctor or Midwife will do through examination of your baby,

  • Your baby will be weighted and measured.
  • Your baby’s heart and lungs will be checked.
  • Baby’s eyes will be examined
  • The roof of is mouth will be checked to make sure there is no cleft (gap) in his palate.
  • The tummy will be checked for internal organ’s size, shape and position. It should be in right position.
  • Pulse also check.
  • Baby’s genitals will be examined. If baby boy then Doctor will check his testes have descended.
  • Baby’s spine will be examined to make sure her vertebrae are in the correct place.
  • Baby’s back passage means anus is open or not that also checked.
  • Baby’s limbs and feet will check to make sure that they will match in the length.
  • Baby’s Hip joint will be examined to make sure they are not dislocated and normal in condition.

Doctor also checks some reflexes of your baby. Reflexes mean immediate or instinct response of baby. This reflex helps baby to survive outside the mother’s womb, till his physical and mental skills develops. After the development of these skills these reflexes disappears. All these reflexes are examined.