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Baby’s safety equipments at Home

Once your baby starts becoming mobile, it’s time to think about making sure your home is safe. There’s a wide range of safety equipment available which can help make your home a safer place for babies and small children, and a little common sense and planning will help to both protect your child from danger in the home and prevent them from damaging furniture and equipment. This article will help you to find right information about safety equipments for small one.

General home safety equipment baby furniture

  • Baby gates: These safety gates can be fitted across the entrance to places in the home where you don’t want your child to go, such as the top or bottom of stairs, or in the doorway of your home office. There are different types available – some are like wooden gates, other are made of a tough fabric and can be rolled and unrolled when necessary.

When buying gates, check that the release mechanism is easy and straightforward to use – some gates are incredibly difficult to open and shut, or may require two hands to do so. You should also measure the width of the doorway or area you need to cover and check that the gate you buy will fit it – some gates can be extended, others are a fixed width.

Portable travel gates are also available and can be very useful when visiting friends and family.

  • Fire guard: we strongly recommend that you invest in a simple fire guard to fit across your fireplace, be it an open, electrical or gas fire. For further advice, go to our Fire safety section. Never put objects above the fireplace which your child might want to reach.
  • Electrical socket covers: electrical sockets are just too tempting for babies, so investing  in a few of these simple plastic covers is a good idea. They can be easily removed if necessary and then re-fitted.
  • Electrical cable tidy: these simple tubes are available from most electrical retailers and keep electrical leads together, concealed and tucked out of the way. If you have tall lamps, make sure they’re firmly wedged behind furniture so that your baby can’t pull them down on top of himself.
  • Window locks: these locks stop windows being opened by more than a small amount. However, you should never allow your children to play around windows, even if they are closed, since they can be hurt if they fall through the glass of a closed window.
  • Door slam protector: a simple plastic pad that fits around the edges of doors to prevent them closing fully and trapping fingers.
  • DVD/VCR lock: this attaches over your DVD player or video cassette holder and prevents your child from inserting anything into the slot.
  • Corner guards: these plastic pads can be fitted over any sharp corners in the home to prevent your baby from hitting their head.
  • Pets: remember to keep pets’ food, water and litter trays out of reach. Nets are available to put over prams and cots to prevent cats from climbing in.
  • Non-slip rug grip: place non-slip rug grip under any mats which slide about on the floor.

Kitchen Safety:  food 1

  • Cupboard and drawer locks: fit locks to prevent your child from opening drawers and cupboards containing dangerous items such as bleaches or detergents, or from opening appliances. Alternatively, you may simply want to consider moving dangerous items to cupboards which are out of reach.
  • Cooker guards: a cooker guard is a plastic panel which fits in front of the hob to prevent your child from grabbing hot pans or fiddling with the controls.

Bathroom safety:             bather1.jpg

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for children, and you may want to consider fitting a latch which will enable you to keep the door closed when you’re not using the bathroom.

  • Non-slip bathmat: a mat which attaches with suckers to the bottom of the bath and prevents your child from slipping while in the water or getting in and out of the bath.
  • Medicine cupboard lock: always ensure that any medicines are stored either in a cupboard out of your child’s reach or in a securely locked cabinet.
  • Safety tap covers: these are inflatable covers which fit over taps, preventing your child from bumping or scalding themselves.

Never leave your child alone in the bath – even for a couple of minutes. Ignore the phone if it rings – they’ll call back if they really need to talk to you; and if the doorbell sounds and you want to answer it, wrap your child up in a towel and bring them with you.

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A Tour Around Baby’s Nursery (Baby’s Room)

One of the most exciting things about a new addition to your family is creating the baby room means baby Nursery. A new, living human being will be sleeping in the nursery, and you will spend a lot of days (and tired nights) changing the baby’s diaper and putting him or her to sleep. In this article you will some interesting information about Baby’s Nursery.

The rich beauty of a wooden crib, perhaps a rocking chair for yourself, the smell of baby powder, the contrasts of bright and calm colors, and the sleepy sound of nursery songs: this is parenthood.

Well then, time to make this old office or guest room into a nursery! With so many choices, it can quickly get overwhelming. The first thing to think of is the gender. Boy or girl? Or do you know? If not, there are many great ideas for either sex. From there, you can think of a theme. Some pointers to keep in mind while decorating:

Lots of color. Baby will love bright, primary and contrasting colors to stimulate his or her eyes and senses. However, you might find it overwhelming and distracting, so balance it with a soothing wall color like white or creamy colors as a base, and accent the nursery with your chosen theme. Accents can include borders, stripes, wallpaper, window and door frames, as well as the bedding and furniture.

Safety. When decorating, always keep safety in mind. Don’t place the crib near a window, where the sunlight can irritate baby, and cords from the curtains or blinds can become an entangling hazard. If the crib is on wheels and on a smooth floor, make sure they lock.

It’s for you. The nursery theme is actually for you. Baby doesn’t yet care about blues or pinks or sports or stars, only the contrasting colors and shapes of his or her surroundings. The nursery is yours and you will be spending a lot of time there, so decorate it to your tastes.

Look around online or in stores for themes. When you find one you like, such as trim, wallpaper, a carpet, window dressing or bedding, build the room around it. A good tip for painting is to begin with white, and add two colors picked from the theme. These colors can be used as accents in the room, or, if the color isn’t too bright or dark, used for an entire wall.

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Baby Furniture

With the coming of a new member in the family, the ambiance of the house entirely changes. Not only does the house buzz up with the laughter and cries of the baby, but also fills in with a riot of colors. Add to this small and cute furniture and the same dull and boring looking house becomes a completely exciting place to be in. for those who think that baby furniture is all about adding a cot to your bedside, here is a little surprise in store for you. Today, baby furniture has come a long way since the “just cot” days. Right from cribs and cradles to bassinets, changing tables, bookcases, dressers, high and rocking chairs, toy boxes, doll houses, the list just goes on and on.

There are certain things which parents need to bear in mind before purchasing furniture for the new member of the family. The first important thing would be to determining the kind of space they have at their disposal. Though there are thousands of things they would like to buy for their tiny tot, it would be impossible to incorporate all if they do not have enough space. Also, there should be enough ground for the baby to move about freely without crashing into the ends of the furniture. A safety precaution which is of utmost significance is that the furniture should have no sharp edges and should be placed in a way that it should not cause harm to the little one. To know further about the kind of furniture option available and important do’s and don’ts regarding placing them, this section would be of interest to you.

Baby Bedding
Babies are nothing, but small bundles of joy and pleasure. Upon the arrival of the tiny tot, the whole house enlivens with effervescence and colors. Right from getting baby furniture to toys, there are a lot of things which feature on the purchase list of parents. One such thing is the baby bedding. Baby bedding is an important part of the nursery and ensures absolute comfort and ease for the baby.

Baby Carriage
Going for an evening walk? Want to go shopping? But you cannot leave your baby alone; and this is when the baby carriages comes to your rescue and proves handy. Baby carriage is one of the most important and significant purchase you will make for your baby. Buying a baby carriage sounds to be a simple task, but one should keep in mind that a carriage should be comfortable as well as safe for your baby to get a secure ride. There are many types of carriages available in the market.

Baby bath:

Once your baby is able to sit unassisted, you may wish to purchase a bathtub seat or bath ring that can be placed in your full sized tub to help you hold baby in place at bath time. While many parents enjoy the “extra set of hands” that these products offer, they are absolutely not a substitution for adult supervision. Babies must be watched every minute that they are in the tub; drowning accidents can happen quickly and in a very small amount of water, so never leave your baby unattended in the tub, even for a moment.