Avoid Excess Fat, sugar and salt in solid food of children

In this article, we will discuss which baby food should avoid for children. When your child completed almost the first year of age then you can start this solid food which has proper amount of fats, sugar and salt.


  • Kids under two years want more energy for their activities, therefore, they required full fats in their diet. So you can provide full-fat foods like full-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, oily fish and ham.
  • Foods such as chips, biscuits, crisps and popular high fat food, cakes etc should not give daily. But sometimes you can offer it like once in the week as a feast!! But try to develop the healthy habit to your child. If your child starts that food then it is difficult to give healthy food to him.
  • Child’s taste buds are not formed as the adults’ so when they are young they put each and every item in their eager mouths only so they could get the taste of it. That time they don’t know about any nutritional facts about healthy food.
  • At this time your lifestyle should have healthy and nutritious food so you can develop the same habit to your child also.
  • If your child is not hungry then do not feed him forcefully otherwise his digestive system, giving him cramps in his stomach.
  • Fast food contains excess oil and hydrogenated fats which are harmful to your child’s growth and development.

Sugar: Children under age two mostly enjoys in sweets like cakes, biscuits, chocolates and sweet drinks.A small amount of sugar in the meal is not more harmful to the child but when they frequently eat sweet food and drinks it will cause tooth decay.

  • So try to avoid more sugary sweets, drinks and artificial sweeteners. This will reduce the amount of sugar intake.
  • Do not give sweets or sweet drinks daily; give on alternate days after the meal. And avoid sweets as a reward.
  • Fruits and vegetables also contain sugar but it is not harmful to your child. but sugary drinks of fruits may cause tooth decay if the child consumes it frequently.
  • Give your child breakfast cereals and not the sugar coated cereals.
  • Do not add sugar to milk and porridge.
  • Jaggery also gives same tooth decay if consumed frequently.
  • Develop the habit of brushing twice a day, and gargle after every meal by water, this will keep healthy teeth.

Salt: Salt is sufficiently available in food, therefore, no need to add extra salt in the food.

  • Excessive salty food leads to high blood pressure in later life.
  • Avoid salty foods like crisps, savoury snacks, Bombay mix, bacon, salted meats etc.
  • Add the proper amount of salt in the food. Children aged four to six should eat no more than 3g (0.1oz) of salt a day, according to research.
  • Savoury food, such as baked beans and sausages, contain levels of salt that aredangerous” to their health.
  • Children aged between one and three should not take more than 2g a day.
  • Other foods have a surprisingly large amount of salt. A bowl of Rice Krispies contains more salt than a bag of crisps, around 0.65gm compared to 0.5gm.
  • You can try mini pizzas with vegetable sauces and carrot and cucumber sticks with cheese sprinkled.
  • Chicken curry with rice or pitta or chapatti.
  • For the healthy life of your child avoid the excess of fats, salt and sugar in early age, so it will not too difficult to handle the different situations.