Baby Massage

You can massage your baby from two weeks old. Do it when he will not sleep, in warm room with warm hands.

Premature babies in particular require touch to establish a bond between parent and child. Babies who birth quickly or by Cesarean section may be in shock and benefit from touch; the emotional development of a child is heightened by massage. It is suggested that babies who receive massage have fewer health problems and both sleep and feed better than those babies who do not receive massage

Things you need for massage :

  • Baby oil or baby lotion.
  • Soft towel for your baby to lie on.
  • Toys for play.
  • Good music.

Head massage:

Lightly massage the crown of his head using circular strokes ,avoid his fontanels  (are soft spots on a baby’s head which, during birth, enable the bony plates of the skull to flex, allowing the child’s head to pass through the birth  canal). Massage his forehead working form the center out, moving across his eyebrows and ears. After head work down the side of his cheeks. Work from the head with light strokes, massaging should be from both side symmetrically.

Neck, shoulder and arms massage:

Using downward motion, stroke his neck then move onto his shoulders, working from the neck out. Massage his arms by gentle squeezing them. Massage his wrist, hands, and fingers gently by using your thumb more than other fingers.

Chest and tummy:

Gently stroke your baby’s chest using a downward motion. Rub his tummy using a circular motion, working clockwise and outwards from his tummy button with your fingertips.


Work from his thighs to his knees, stroking in a downward motion around the shins (the larger of the two bones in the leg below the knee), gently squeezing them as you go.

Feet and toes:

Rub ankles feet, stroking from heel to toe and then gently massage each toe by your fingertips.

During this massage keep your baby interested by giving him lots of smiles and kisses, quietly chatting and singing will also help him to enjoy the massage, give him his favorite toys to play with them so you can do massaging very gently and calmly.

Now go for the bath, he will feel very relax and clam. He will sleep immediately.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Bonding – Massage helps build a bond between parent and child.
  • Security – Massage helps secure a relationship between parent and child.
  • Emotional – Baby who receives massage leads to a more confident, well-balanced and confident adult in later  life who will be less inclined to experience emotional and psychological difficulties.
  • Skin – as with any massage, the texture and condition of the skin improves, leaving baby with a healthy looking skin; it also improves blood circulation and helps remove waste products from the body’s systems.
  • Digestive – a massaged baby will suffer from less colic, constipation and diarrhea and will feed better.
  • Respiratory – baby massage will lessen coughs, colds and infections of the ear and nasal passages.
  • Nervous System – irritability and tantrums are reduced with massage; a calm baby will lead to a calm parent
  • Immune System – massaged babies have stronger immune systems resisting infections and other health problems.
  • Joints and Muscles – baby massage leads to more flexible joints and muscles and greater co-ordination of muscular movement.